Physical Therapy Accessories and Machines

Nova Physiotherapy offers a variety of physical therapy accessories and machines. Contact us for more information and to purchase.


Embrace Air Plus Back Support

Embrace Air Plus is an air adjustable back support that is recommended by professionals worldwide. What makes Air plus second to none is the state of the art pour molded foam, engineered to last 30 years and contours to you naturally offering gentle lateral support. Another key feature is the vertical contouring spinal strip which eases into position to form to your natural shape. This is unquestionably the best tested, proven and guaranteed back support available today. This best quality product is available in your choice of six colors. Camel, Burgundy, Navy, Black, Grey, and Antelope.


Premium Gel Electrodes

These Premium Electrodes are Manufactured with a long lasting thick Gel for superior comfort ability. Additional features include, Superior connectivity, Even Current Distribution, and effective in high heat and humidity areas.

  • 2″ x 3.5″ Rectangle – 4 / Pkg
  • 2″ x 2″ Square – 4 / Pkg

Lead Wires for TENS Machines

Standard Lead Wire; Universal 36″. Right Angle Female Socket to Dual .08″ Pin Connectors. Sold Per Pair.


Instant Cold Packs with Gentle Touch™ Technology

The New Rapid Relief® Instant Cold Packs with Gentle Touch™ technology provide immediate cold therapy to help reduce swelling and provide comfort after an injury. Gentle Touch™ technology packs are designed to be placed directly against the skin without the need for a wrap or towel. These packs are soft and comfortable to use, ideal for children and the elderly who have sensitive skin. Comes in 3 convenient sizes.


Thermophore Moist Heat Pack Standard 14" x 27"

Thermophore Moist Heat Pack Units are one of the most popular sources of therapeutic heat in the home. The hot packs are safe. A special “on” switch gives you complete control of the high temperature to tolerance; and should you fall asleep, your grip on the switch relaxes and the heat automatically turns off and convenient. You can do it yourself. Simply rest in a comfortable position, place the Thermophore Hot Pack directly on the skin, build up heat quickly, and maintain it as high as you are able to tolerate for 15-30 minutes.


Burst Resistant Therapy Ball

These Quality Burst Resistant Therapy Balls include a wall chart illustrating step-by-step exercise therapy program and a high volume air pump. Exercise several muscle groups at once. Improve your balance, coordination and flexibility. Develop a healthier posture . Available in 55, 65, 75 cm


Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers available in 12 and 36 inch lengths.



Prostretch is a great way to improve flexibility of gastroc, soleus, and Achilles.


TENS Machines

TENS Machines are great for home relief of aches and pains.