GLA:D Canada

Have you heard about GLA:D™ Canada?

GLA:D® is an evidence-based program for treatment and management of osteoarthritic symptoms. It is currently being implemented by Bone and Joint Canada, supported by the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation.

What to Expect …

GLA:D™ Canada is an 8 week education and targeted neuromuscular exercise program developed in Denmark and has been shown to produce positive long term outcomes (1 year post program) in over 10,000 participants. Results at one year follow-up include:

  • A 27% reduction in pain intensity
  • A 37% and 45% reduction in use of joint related pain medications for knee and hip OA participants respectively
  • 10% reduction in sick days for GLA:D® participants with knee OA
  • 10% increase in walking speed
  • An over 30% increase in self-reported physical activity levels

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