Our Team

Robbie MacDonald


Originally from Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Rob MacDonald obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science from Acadia University.  He then pursued his goal to become a physiotherapist and earned his Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy degree from Dalhousie University in 2001.  Mr. MacDonald worked in private practice for 3 years before opening Nova Physiotherapy with business partner and physiotherapist Jeff Walsh in 2004.  Currently Nova Physiotherapy is represented with 4 clinics across metro with its most recent addition being the downtown Halifax location which is a multidisciplinary setting within Active Approach Health and Wellness Centre located at 5855 Spring Garden Rd.  Mr. MacDonald prides himself in knowing that Nova Physiotherapy has been the recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for Excellence in Business since 2010, for a total of 6 subsequent years.

Since entering practice in 2001, Mr. MacDonald has taken a long list of post graduation education in his efforts to provide consistent high quality care while focusing on many sports related injuries sustained in such sports as, but not limited to: running, golf, contact sports including martial arts and injuries sustained from the strength and conditioning aspect of sports in general.

Over the past 5 years Mr. MacDonald has taken a special interest in the many injuries sustained from the sport of running.  He currently runs the only 3D Gait Motion Capture lab that is found in a clinical setting east of Ontario.  It was his clinical experience working with this system that he co-founded Run-Well.  Run-Well is a program specifically designed for the runner.  With the detailed biomechanical assessment obtained from the 3D Gait Analysis (the leading 3D motion capture system in the world) and the collaborative efforts of the rest of the team, Run-Well is able to assess and treat the root cause of the injury, as well as, identify and treat injuries before they even arise.

Mr. MacDonald began his active involvement in competitive sports at an early age with a main focus on running and Taekwondo.  His high level involvement in sports along with general injuries over the years spawned an interest in physiotherapy as a career.  Currently, Mr. MacDonald is an avid golfer playing out of several courses over the years and has been enjoying Metro’s newest course of 2015 – Brunello Estates.

Mr. MacDonald offers a comprehensive range of treatment techniques along with modalities with an evidence based focus in his pursuit to provide quality care in a professional, enthusiastic, and engaging manor.

Mr. MacDonald’s clinical practice uses experience he’s gained over the last 14 years and applies treatment techniques and knowledge he’s obtained through courses focusing on but not limited to: New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries, Gait Analysis, Golf Performance Therapy (FitforeGolf levels 1 – 4), Myofascial Release, K-Taping – Sport Therapist, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement System Impairments,  Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine, Sacro-iliac Joint, and Lumbo-pelvic Complex Certification Program.

Mr. MacDonald also has experience as a trainer working for local athletes and sports teams including professional MMA athletes, provincial rugby teams and high school football.

Any clinical questions are warmly welcomed at rmacdonald@novaphysiotherapy.ca or: info@Run-Well.ca